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My Assets Inspections

Log Inspections even when you lose connection

No connections are needed while out in the field. If connections drop while in the field, My Assets downloads the information including photos and waits for a connection from your device. Within seconds of retrieving a connection, the app automatically submits the data so you don't have to worry about losing any information in the field.

My Assets' inspection feature lets users create and edit their inspections from their desktop login as well as choose from a library of inspections from different industries. Also, it lets users flag which response generates what work order automatically.

My Assets gives you the ultimate efficiency in field work and managing your assets so management can focus more on compliance, returns on investments, and your capital improvement plan.

Geocode or create assets on the fly
Update Assets in real-time.

My Assets helps you bypass the expensive mapping and engineering solutions in the market today. We guarantee that users will be able to create an asset in less than 30 seconds using the "Assets of the Fly" feature, and then continue to perform maintenance activity on that newly created asset without missing a beat.

The app lets users use cutting edge technology to obtain coordinates for your assets. Users can now manage asset conditions, log inspections, and complete work orders from the field more efficiently by searching assets directly in the vicinity of their location and not spend their time scrolling through a large list of assets. Instead of relaying information to users at the office and waiting on a re-published version of your maps, assign coordinates right then and there to any asset in the system.

What if an asset does not exist? Within three taps on your mobile device, My Assets will let users build their assets from their exact location. Better yet, the app will then seamlessly let you complete an inspection for that asset added moments ago. My Assets just took a week-long process and streamlined it within 30 seconds.

My Assets Geocoded Assets

My Assets Mapped Work Orders

Integrate with ESRI ArcGIS Maps or Google Maps

My Assets integrates directly with ESRI and/or Google Maps. Get real-time asset performance, maintenance history, and inspection compliance for ArcGIS or Google maps. Crews can view current asset information and map graphics to save time and make better decisions. My Assets makes it easy to report problems, respond to work orders, and update maintenance records as efficient as possible. In addition, track coordinates for facilities and equipment items, query assets attached to work order from maps, and perform inspections. Users also can generate links to customers or other employees to create requests for work such as facilities maintenance items.

Upload Photos with ease in real-time
or mass upload

We always say that knowing your assets is the first step in asset management. My Assets upload feature helps you do just that. The app lets users upload an unlimited amount of images to assets, work orders, and inspections.

Take advantage of the ultimate asset management and record keeping tool on the market today. Taking images of equipment and structures during inspections keeps you in compliance, attaching before and after photos to work orders tracks accountability, and managing a photo gallery of your entire system of assets and facilities helps current and upcoming employees for many years know where and what assets they are dealing with.

My Assets Upload Photos

Generate Inspection and Facility Reports

Use My Assets desktop to review and generate inspection compliance or client reports. From the start, the PSD team works with you to give you the greatest flexibility in delivering your customized reports by configuring the system for continuous improvement. Include photos for each response, generate condition assessments, and view your capital improvement plans.

My Assets' History:

Premier Systems Designs (PSD) deployed the original HiperWeb version (formally known as HiperPM and the system behind My Assets) in 1993. Since then, facilities management and municipalities have used it to manage the maintenance operations on their equipment and facilities. Before developing the system, PSD’s founder gained significant experience managing equipment and facilities.

HiperWeb has an excellent track record for providing excellence in service and in software implementation and consulting. The best feature of HiperWeb is that it delivers preventative maintenance, inventory control, asset tracking, facility management, continuous quality improvement, and maintenance budget forecasting functionality in a single integrated product. HiperWeb clients can implement just one function such as Inventory Control, or they can implement all of the functions listed above, utilizing the entire integrated program. In addition, HiperWeb is scalable to allow for multiple departments to deploy the product over time, ultimately providing an enterprise-wide solution for all departments in your organization.

PSD’s facility management, consulting, and software development experience has enabled the company to deploy over 200 world-class systems throughout the world. PSD clients include medium-sized municipalities such as Boca Raton, FL and Albany, Ga, large municipalities such as the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities and Shelby County (Memphis), TN, large joint action agencies such as the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia and ECG (Electric Cities of Georgia), and large Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and The Home Depot Corporation. In addition, facility management organizations such as Iguatemi (a large Brazil-based retail facility manager) and Colliers-Cauble companies use HiperWeb to control equipment maintenance and manage operational costs.

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